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    Enhance your skylight

    Heated Rain Sensor

    Never worry again about your skylight exposing interiors below to the elements with our heated rain sensor which triggers your rooflight’s closure in wet weather.

    From £375


    Introducing the Smartsquare, the world’s first smart skylight. Fully integrated with other smart appliances and easily linked to Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, it allows you to control your skylights from anywhere, at anytime using your Apple or Android smartphone.

    From £395

    Weather Pack

    Our Weather Pack option provides all the benefits of the heated rain sensor with a wind sensor and triggers the closing of the skylight in both high winds and rainy conditions.

    From £650

    Remote control

    This slender control allows the operator to open and close skylight without the requirement of a standard switch

    From £195


    Upstands play an important role in ensuring your new skylight sits and fits well. They are the frames that a skylight sits on, creating enough height from the roof surface and enough pitch for the water to run off the skylight.

    From £200

    Touchscreen programmable controller

    Fully automate the operation of your electric roof window with our state-of-the-art controller, complete with easy touchscreen interface.

    From £1495

    Battery back-up panel

    Enjoy the full functionality of your electric opening skylight’s features 24/7 with our Battery Back-Up Panel, providing a constant source of power to your roof window that you can depend upon in the event of mains power loss.

    From £395

    Complete protection and peace of mind, with warranties up to 35 years.

    35 year warranty on all Sunsquare upstands

    25 year warranty on insulating glass seals

    10 year warranty on all Sunsquare rooflights

    2 year warranty on all electrical components

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