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    Weather pack

    Our Weather Pack option provides all the benefits of the heated rain sensor with a wind sensor and triggers the closing of the skylight in both high winds and rainy conditions.
    from £650

    Enjoy all the benefits of our heated rain sensor combined with a state-of-the-art wind sensor, which triggers the closure of your Sunsquare opening rooflight in high winds and wet weather conditions. Our comprehensive weather pack is designed to protect your skylight and interiors below from the harshest weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy all the aesthetic benefits of your roof window.


    With wind, rain and temperature sensors comprising the weather pack, you can be sure that your rooflight will close whenever inclement weather hits your property. The programmable wall-mounted display allows the sequence and functions to be set, resulting in a completely automated skylight, with little or no input necessary from users.

    In fact, it’s possible to programme your weather pack to work even while you are away from your property on holiday. This is particularly useful for those looking to maintain good levels of ventilation into their property at all times.


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      10 year warranty on all Sunsquare rooflight frames

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      Our electronically controlled flat roof windows are the only rooflights of their type in the UK to surpass the rigorous BSI Kitemark standards. We want you to know that you can buy safe in the knowledge our Aero Electric rooflights outperform the competition when it comes to weather tightness, air permeability and extreme wind loading.

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