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In the vast majority of cases, people would agree that warranties and guarantees are worth the paper they are written on. Read on to understand why we feel so strongly about rooflight warranties and guarantees.

In the rooflight industry, we hope that this is very much the case too. It is all too easy to claim unrealistic guarantees and warranties if you have no intention of honouring them.

There are rooflight companies out there that insist when there is a product fault that you must buy another skylight and send the old one back for testing at their factories. At that stage if it is deemed to be a manufacturing fault, payment will be returned – one wonders how many payments have been returned!

What’s more disconcerting for consumers like you is that some rooflight manufacturers that have been in operation for barely a month are already offering 10-year warranties with their products. That’s without having any products tested before selling it to the general public.

Let us not forget that these are large pieces of glass hanging above the heads of our families. With that in mind, one of the most important aspects to look out for when selecting a new rooflight is the validity of a warranty.

Our opinion and that of many of our clients is that they would rather pay a little extra for a product that has been tested to the highest possible standards.

When the British Standards Institution (BSI) tested our full range of rooflights, they tested them to destruction. They could then take that information and – with the help of calculations from structural engineers and data from global average weather conditions – ensure that every product that we warranty will last as long as we say it will… and longer!

Our actuation – the opening and closing mechanisms – are tested to beyond what would be possible if someone opened and closed our skylights all day, every day for three continuous years. We offer a three-year warranty on all electrical components.

In addition to the BSI’s testing, our own testing ensures that we know for a fact that our product will last well beyond the times that we offer by way of warranty. That’s why choosing an accredited company always pays dividends.

We replace faulty skylights on a very regular basis that have barely lasted a year let alone the 20 years that the warranties from other manufacturers state. Even though we gain business this way, it is not comfortable as we have always been pioneers in our industry and it is disappointing to see so many people misled by claims made on websites and within literature.

Put simply, if you are going to spend a great deal of your hard-earned cash on something that you need to be safe, watertight and secure, look carefully at the testing and accreditations a company has achieved and – most importantly – the small print!

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