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Improving Your Flat Roof

Flat roofs may have certain drawbacks - such as their greater tendency to accumulate water and debris - but if there's one reason why you should be thankful to have one at your home or office, it is the opportunity that it presents to have some stunning skylights - otherwise known as roof lights - installed.

Roof lights offer a range of benefits to the homeowner, including:

Energy efficiency

In a world that is coming under ever-greater strain due to human actions, it is nice to know that your home or workplace's skylight helps to cut your energy consumption and costs, by instead drawing upon the infinitely renewable resource that is the sun.

Skylights appeal to your business's wish to ensure environmental responsibility by maximising your use of a clean energy source.

But roof lights also make financial sense. In the colder months when the sun goes down sooner, they allow you to make the most of the limited hours of sunlight, while when the summer arrives, you may never need to turn your home or office lights on.

Promoting good health and mood

There's nothing quite like being able to lay down on the floor of your home or office, look up and see nothing but sky through your remarkable skylight.

It isn't just the sense of awe of gazing to the heavens that will awaken your senses - there are many documented health benefits of exposure to natural light, with the Vitamin D production that it promotes being vital for good bone and muscle health and metabolism.

From assisting in the regulation of sleep cycles to bolstering the immune system, roof lights can do so much for the health of your family and/or work colleagues who make use of your space.


With homes and offices being built in ever-greater proximity to each other, it has become a challenge to provide plenty of access to natural daylight while also preserving the privacy of a building's occupants.

A commercial and domestic skylight can solve that problem effortlessly. Installed on your flat roof, the lack of an angle to your skylight prevents any users of nearby buildings peering in - an especially important consideration for more private spaces like bathrooms - but still allows in as much light as possible.


Several of the skylights that we offer here at Sunsquare - including the Aero Manual and Aero Electric - are designed to open easily to allow the release of the warm air that naturally rises in your building, which helps to make the space more hospitable.

Roof access

That's right - if you need to access your flat roof periodically, such as to carry out maintenance, you can even specify a skylight that completely opens. Simply select our well-regarded Aero Electric Access roof light.

Call the Sunsquare team now for tailored advice on how to choose the perfect skylight for your own flat roof.

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