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We consider it a proud achievement to have successfully made change in our industry through the introduction of this high standard – one to which others can aspire. However, our work doesn’t stop there.

While the BSI’s motto reads “making excellence a habit”, excellence is more than habit for our team – in fact, we consider the maintenance of our Kitemark an obligation to our clients.

That’s why our BSI Kitemarked range of products is inspected and audited, twice every year, to ensure continued compliance with the standard. With BSI being the most recognised testing house in the world, this was no ‘light’ test with a few drops of water and a hairdryer. Each of our skylights is subjected to a full-blown hurricane of tests which demonstrate durability and performance.

Furthermore, every time we make advancements or changes to our products considered significant enough, the testing process begins again. Due to this, you can rest assured that every product which leaves our factories has been subjected to rigorous scrutiny.

In related news, we are very happy to announce that Sunsquare has achieved a renewal in its Kitemark accreditation (now named the BSI Rooflights Kitemark) for the fourth year running.

In a lightly-regulated sector which routinely places large glass panels above people’s heads, customers are beginning to seek markers of quality when considering a skylight installation. Fortunately, buying a Sunsquare skylight or rooflight guarantees you will receive a product which is aesthetically beautiful, thermally efficient and highly durable according to the finest standard of accreditation.

We often ask clients whether they would prefer their rooflights installed by a company which as been subjected to the scrutiny of Kitemark tests, or one the hasn’t. The answer is, of course, a no brainer.

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