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Ceilings have always been a challenge for interior designers, so we thought we’d put together some useful suggestions for homeowners to restyle their ceilings at home and create the perfect atmosphere to live in.

Colour contrasts

Colour and decoration to a ceiling can greatly enhance the overall mood of a room, making it feel large or small, airy or cosy. By choosing colour contrasts it’s possible to make high-ceilinged rooms appear lower and the overall atmosphere more intimate with a complementary ceiling colour that runs down to the picture rail.

Pastel colours can offset deep and vibrant colours like green and pink to make a larger room more inviting. You might also like to experiment with a ceiling colour in a deeper shade to your walls. For instance, a rich cocoa on the ceiling combined with a softer eggshell brown can greatly open up a large living space.

Matching wall and ceiling colours

Rooms with pitched ceilings can often look great when one colour is used on both the walls and the ceiling; creating a cosy, enclosed feel. Avoid choosing too dark a colour if you’re going to opt for this effect as it can result in a very bleak, almost tardis-like room.

Beamed ceilings

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a charming, quintessential country home with Victorian beamed ceilings, you’ll almost certainly want to make these a feature of your living space. When left natural these warm wood tones can create a homely feel. If you’re looking to create a room that’s more striking to the eye then you might opt for contrasting colours on separate beams such as black and white that appeal to the senses.

Natural light

Modern ceilings can offer so much more than just a plain coloured roof. It’s increasingly common for homes to encourage abundant levels of natural daylight into a bedroom, living room or basement with the installation of a roof window. Whether it’s a an architecturally striking but unobtrusive pyramid-shaped skylight, an opening roof window (offering ventilation and roof access as well as natural light) or a roof light that can be walked on (ideal for basement ceilings).

Some skylight manufacturers, including ourselves here at Sunsquare, design skylights that are not only aesthetically pleasing but thermally efficient. For instance, Sunsquare can accurately calculate the u-value of every single pane that leaves our factory.

Wooden-clad ceilings

Ideal for that rustic alpine-style, wooden-clad panelling can look wonderful on ceilings. With a slightly rough finish, the wooden effect creates a very organic result that’s guaranteed to warm up any contemporary home. It’s also a very effective way of creating a visual separation of living space.

Custom-design ceilings

The key reason homeowners opt for custom-design ceilings for their home is that it can create a grand impression of a living space. For instance, the implementation of a cathedral-style ceiling can give interiors a much-needed spacious feel, while drop-roof designs can create a more intimate, compact twist in line with current design trends.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. There’s a ceiling solution for every contemporary home.

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