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How do I Know Which Skylight to Choose?

15 May 2015
So you’ve decided that you’d like a skylight fitted into the roof of your home? You’ve come to the right place. As the UK’s first BSI-accredited flat roof skylight manufacturer we’re well placed to help you select the best skylight for your property.

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Let’s talk you through some of the key selection factors to help you find the perfect skylight for your home:

Where will the skylight be fitted?

Positioning and functionality of your roof window are crucial aspects to consider. Natural light can offer many benefits to any residential or commercial property, but you will also need to consider over-exposure to UV light too.

Without a suitable glazing specification a greenhouse effect can occur. Subsequently you may opt for a rooflight that can be tinted with very specific glass specifications to minimise UV levels whilst still allowing the full quota of natural light into the property.

Will you need to walk on the skylight?

Walk-on skylights are perfect for roof areas requiring pedestrian access, such as roof terraces or internal corridors encouraging natural light into basements and so forth. If a walk-on skylight appeals to you it’s important to choose one which can withstand being walked or stood upon regularly.

Have you considered: Our Horizon walk-on roof windows combine technology and safety to enhance light in interiors below whilst ensuring the roof remains safe for people to walk on.

Does the skylight need to open?

If you are thinking of transforming an area for roof access, a fully-opening skylight should definitely be on your shortlist. Ideal for bringing extra light and ventilation into your property, they’re not only functional but their design adds an air of sophistication to a building, adding value to your outdoor space.

If so, would you like an opening rooflight that opens manually or electrically?

If an opening skylight appeals then you have two design options to consider: a manually-operated skylight or an electrically-operated skylight. An electric opening mechanism allows you to effortlessly open your skylight at the touch of a button. While a manually-operated skylight is also simple to use for able-bodied homeowners.

Have you considered: You can complement any electric-operated skylight with a host of intuitive accessories and sensors designed to make opening and closing your roof window as easy as possible. You might want to purchase a remote control to operate your skylight from the comfort of your armchair. It’s possible to go one stage further and install a weather pack fitted with rain and wind sensors which close your skylight in both high winds and rainy weather.

What shape should your skylight be?

Pyramid skylights are architecturally engineered to maximise the amount of light filtering through, resulting in an interior that is brighter and lighter, creating the illusion of extra space below. This design is somewhat of a speciality here at Sunsquare, with our latest Pyramid rooflight featuring an unobtrusive 30º roof pitch and excellent thermal performance.

Traditional flat, fixed roof windows also offer abundant levels of natural light; it ultimately depends on how flexible you’d like your window to be in terms of ventilation, operation and access.

Are there any safety considerations regarding the positioning of a skylight?

In some instances, yes. For example, in the past we’ve supplied roof windows specifically for installation above indoor swimming pools. Naturally, a skylight positioned over water requires a very particular glazing solution for safety standards. This is something that we consider at the quotation stage, ensuring our customers are fully aware of what we would need to do to provide them with a stunning but secure finished product.

Is there a skylight that’s easier to install?

The vast majority of skylights Sunsquare design and manufacture are very easy to install when fitted onto an upstand. Upstands are the frames a skylight sits on, ensuring it fits well for the long term.

We recommend you buy a skylight that is separate from the upstand. Skylights with integral upstands have design flaws as, if the skylight needs a repair or worse still replacing, the entire roofing structure has to be disturbed.

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