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How does low maintenance glass work?


At Sunsquare we offer low maintenance glazing treatments for any type of flat roof skylight that leaves our manufacturing facility. Low maintenance glazing is often confused with self-cleaning glass treatments. Low maintenance glazing still needs to be cleaned sporadically but the glass units themselves are designed to be much easier to clean; ideal for those that struggle physically and are less mobile.

Low maintenance glazing is also really useful for flat roof skylights that you’re planning to install in areas that would potentially be hard to reach to clean, making your lives easier.

But how exactly does it work?

Put simply, the low maintenance treatment works in a similar fashion to a non-stick frying pan. It provides a protective barrier for the entire surface of the glass units that is so much more effective than any other type of coating you’ll find on the market.

It cuts the amount of window cleaning you’ll need to do by as much as 70% without affecting the transparency or solar gain of your roof window whatsoever.

You might not be aware but glass can suffer from corrosion! In the same way that metal rusts, glass is susceptible to its own form of corrosion due to chemical reactions between the glass surface and gases released from the atmosphere.

Every single drop of water that lands on unprotected glass can result in long term damage that’s even visible in clear daylight.

Did you know that the surface of glass is not actually as smooth as it may seem? Glass surfaces contain ever so microscopic holes and peaks that are tailor-made for contamination from organic and inorganic sources which create a chemical reaction with the glass by bonding firmly to its surface; thus making it harder to clean the glass surface and deteriorating overall visibility in and out of the glazed unit.

The low maintenance glass treatments we offer form a strong chemical bond to the glass surface that does not peel, flake or crack. This results in glass that prevents potential contaminants from bonding to the surface, thwarting any type of chemical attack.

As industry leaders in the design and manufacture of BSI Kitemarked flat roof windows, at Sunsquare we are able to glaze almost any glass configuration.

If you’d like to learn more about the glazing options for your Sunsquare skylight, be sure to read our glazing options guide, discussing each specification and their own unique benefits.

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