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You might imagine that purchasing roof lights for your humble abode is a relatively simple process. After all, there surely aren't that many options to choose from, and don't all skylights have the same basic advantages of bringing more natural heat and light into your home?

Alas, the process isn't that simple, as a quick glance at our own broad commercial and domestic skylight range here at Sunsquare should confirm. Factors that you will need to consider include...

...the type of skylight

One of the biggest decisions that you will need to make is between a fixed roof light and an opening roof light. If you want a classy, well-made skylight that illuminates your home, a good quality fixed roof light should cater for your needs just fine.

However, here at Sunsquare, we also proudly offer such options as the Aero Electric Vent, which can be opened and closed electronically for greater ventilation, and the Aero Electric Access, which with its ability to open fully, could be just the option if you would like to make your roof a usable space of its own.

If you are in the process of creating a roof terrace, you may also invest in a Horizon Walk-On which, as its name suggests, can actually be safely walked on. One roof light that most definitely can't be walked on is our Pyramid model that is pitched at 30 degrees, thereby allowing so much more light to flood into your property.

Remember that many accessories are available...

Are you eyeing up one of our skylights, but are unsure whether it incorporates all of the features that you need? Don't forget that we also offer many accessories.

These include a Touchscreen Programmable Controller that allows you to control all manner of aspects of your skylight, as well as a Heated Rain Sensor that triggers the closure of your skylight when the heavens open.

Also consider your roof light's location

Your ultimate choice of skylight is also likely to be influenced by its location - while many may be wooed by the thought of spectacularly large roof lights, the dynamics of your particular space may make a smaller skylight the wiser decision.

Also think carefully about the direction in which your property's roof faces. The illumination provided from skylights on north-facing roofs tends to be reliable but cool, whereas for the maximum amount of heat and light on the mornings, installing your skylight on an east-facing roof makes the most sense.

By comparison, in the afternoon, such heat and light typically comes from the west. Property owners concerned about generating the most possible heat in the winter, meanwhile, often place their skylights on a south-facing roof.

Remember that the Sunsquare team is always ready and available to guide you through our own commercial and domestic skylight range and advise you on the roof lights that would best serve your property.

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