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Adding skylights to your home is an easy way to transform the space you have. Lighting really does make all of the difference and with just a few simple additions, you can ensure that you really make the most of natural light. If you are considering adding skylights to your home, here are just a few of the many benefits of making the switch.

1. Save Energy

By utilising natural light, we are reducing the need to power artificial lights in the home. Skylights help to reduce the demand for unsustainable energy, offering a natural lighting solution that does not produce any harmful emissions. If you are looking to go ‘green’, this is a great place to start.

2. More Space

It is a fact that the more light you shed on a room, the larger it seems. With skylights, you can utilise space that you already have to add more light in the room, giving you more hours of natural daylight and creating more open spaces in your home.

3. Save Money

One of the biggest plus points for installing roof lights in your home is the impact that it will have on your savings. High quality skylights work to replace the need for artificial lighting in the home during the day, cutting down your lighting bills and also minimising the need to run air conditioning during the warmer months.

4. Ventilate

Opening a skylight will ensure that fresh, clean air is being passed through your home. This is ideal for older homes that need good ventilation, or for homes that need that extra blast of fresh air on a hot summers day.

5. Enjoy Privacy

If you live in a smaller home where windows may face on to neighbours' homes, it may seem impossible to enjoy natural light without reducing your privacy levels. In rooms such as bathrooms, where you really do value your privacy, a skylight will provide you with the light and ventilation that you need by utilising convenient space in your home.

If you want to find out more about roof lights, or are thinking of installing commercial or domestic skylights in your space, make sure you contact a member of the Sunsquare team today.

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