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Is heat loss something I need to be worried about?

26 September 2016
One thing we often get asked by customers is whether or not heat loss through rooflights is a genuine issue. Because we know it’s a concern for some people, we’ve decided to put together this guide on everything you need to know.

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What’s the theory?

Well, the principle of rooflight design means that a rooflight can potentially lose 35 to 45 per cent more heat during cold weather spells than a similar window installed on the side of a house.

Why? Simple: hot air rises.

When the warm air in a house rises up towards the ceiling, it comes into contact with the cold glass on the skylight. The air is quickly cooled and then begins to fall back into the room.

As a result, the wrong skylight can lead to a ‘draft loop’, meaning a room can become somewhat chilly, especially in rooms where the circulation of air is higher.

Windows on the side of the house can have a similar effect, though it’s far more minimal: this is due to the air moving horizontally – rather than vertically – past the panes. Also, side windows are naturally a lot lower on the house than skylights.

Inferior skylights can also lose heat through radiation: where normal windows are protected by curtains, shades and even overhanging trees or buildings, skylights are typically exposed entirely to the sky.

So, is this something I need to be worried about?

In the case of some rooflight manufacturers, yes. In the case of Sunsquare, definitely not!

We’ve always focused on developing our line of products so that they bring our customers real comfort around the home or workplace. Cutting-edge technology enables us to achieve results other rooflight manufacturers simply can’t: and that’s certainly the case with temperature control.

A great example of this is through our thermally broken skylights. The materials used as standard by inferior manufacturers aren’t efficient at transferring heat and cold. As a result, you’ll feel every change of temperature outside your home, inside your home! Our thermally broken panels are different: the extruded aluminium profile makes them far more efficient, meaning the external temperatures won’t affect you in the same way.

We use only multiple polyamide insulating sections, factory glazed with a 24mm argon-filled and soft coat low-E insulating glass unit. We guarantee performance.

And it’s not just our panels that help put a lid on heat loss

Our upstands – an optional extra that many of our customers choose to invest in to ensure the perfect installation of their Sunsquare skylights – leave the factory with a U-value of 0.58. This means zero per cent chance of condensation, which can itself be a major cause of lower temperatures in a room.

The insulating foam that we use is a sophisticated and efficient chemical compound designed to adjust itself to all weather conditions.

And remember, Sunsquare are the only rooflight manufacturer to have our products BSI Kitemarked: when you let us install your skylight, you’re guaranteeing the finest levels of performance.

Why worry about heat loss when you don’t have to?

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about how our designs can help massively reduce heat loss through your flat rooflights, get in touch with Sunsquare’s friendly, experienced sales team today on 01284 848434 or drop us a line using our online enquiry form.

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