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The primary function of any rooflight is to provide natural daylight – a feature which always tops the wishlist of homeowners and architects working on building projects of any scale. This is partly why new buildings and refurbishment projects are planned and designed with rooflight installation in mind. This fact provides the perfect opportunity to build upon the angles and lines of an existing building, or to complement the design flow of a stylish new build, using rooflights to go beyond ‘bringing in the light’ to provide a stunning architectural feature to any development.

At Sunsquare we have been designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke rooflights for over 14 years. Because every building project is individual, we often find that the initial spark of creativity originates with the client’s or architect’s distinct vision. We help turn that vision into a reality by providing rooflights which – sized and build to suit the specific dimensions and orientation of the room – add a custom-made feel for little extra cost compared to a standard-sized rooflight.

Our highly skilled technical and design team specialise in bespoke rooflight design, but using their services doesn’t need to cost a fortune. ‘Shaped’ rooflights such as octagonal, circular, triangular and even trapezoidal versions (as pictured) are easily designed and manufactured for those who want to push the boundaries of their design further. With a number of designs we are also able to offer matching shaped upstands, so you can expect the same high performance as with any other product in our standard range.

Beyond allowing natural light to flood in, bespoke rooflights can help overcome other issues encountered on building projects. With access rooflights, for example, the exit position is often determined by the main staircase of the building. In addition, the valuable external space of course needs to be maximised to provide users with an ideal outdoor oasis. We recently designed and installed a gull wing access rooflight to suit the flow of an existing spiral staircase, ensuring that the product took up a great deal less space than the existing sliding rooflight. Our client was delighted with this solution as it increased the usable area of the roof by 5m2, adding significant value to their house in central London.

Bespoke rooflights are also equally fitting in commercial buildings. We recently supplied a well-known London hospital with a rooflight that provided the expected benefits: adding extra ventilation and allowing patients and staff to enjoy natural daylight in the deep plan, clinically-designed building. Crucially, we provided a rooflight solution that could be quickly adapted to allow for the easy removal and installation of heavy medical equipment.

The design opportunities associated with rooflights are endless. Call us now to begin discussing the design you’ve been dreaming of, and we will help to make it a reality.

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