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As industry leading designers and manufacturers of skylights and rooflights, at Sunsquare we spend a great deal of time on the development of our products. We’re always looking for ways to improve what we offer to our clients. It is this commitment to design excellence that has helped us become one of the pioneers of the UK rooflight industry.

Sunsquare was the first company to offer a truly thermally broken skylight; the first to use heat-soaked glass to drastically reduce the risk of nickel sulphite inclusions; and the first and only rooflight manufacturer to have a product range Kitemarked by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

More recently, we offered laminated inner glass panes as standard in our rooflights. Laminated glass is certainly a comprehensive and futureproof glass in terms of its strength, thermal and UV-protective qualities. The PV interlayer which makes it laminated – like a car windscreen – ensures the whole pane of glass stays in place rather than shatter and fall, should something happen to the glass.

It’s revered as the ultimate in skylight-specified glass and remains a cut above the standard products offered elsewhere. In addition, the UV-protective qualities mean that you can purchase an off-the-shelf rooflight without having to purchase additional glass treatments, which can be deceptively expensive. The acoustic qualities of laminated glass also perform as well as some of the acoustic glass treatments available.

Nevertheless, laminated glass specifications were originally designed to act as a safety feature for skylights in public buildings and those fitted a specified height above people’s heads. Laminated glass panes aren’t part of Building Regulations for the vast majority of properties and for many, our heat soaked toughened glass remains a highly effective alternative.

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Heat soaked toughened glass made available for appropriate use

At Sunsquare, we want to give our clients the best materials and specifications to choose from, ensuring a premium quality rooflight that adds tremendous value to any home or workplace.

Not all our clients require or wish for laminated glass for a variety of reasons. The main reason being its additional cost to the final quote.

To remain competitive, we will continue to offer heat soaked toughened glass for projects where either size or budget are a concern or where laminated panes are simply not an appropriate specification.

We are always grateful for anyone that comes to us for a quotation and would much prefer to offer like-for-like quotes to those who require them.

Please let our sales team know the specification you desire so that we can give you the chance to consider all the glazing options for your new Sunsquare rooflight. You can contact our friendly, experienced team today on 01284 848795 or you can get in contact via our online enquiry form.

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