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Self-Cleaning Glass – Myth or Magic?


A lot of speculation has been made in recent years over the benefit of Self-Cleaning Glass and our conclusion is as follows:

Self-Cleaning Glass is a name given to coatings applied to the glass surface that will inhibit dirt’s ability to stick to the glass surface. By achieving this, the natural weather cycles we experience (i.e. Sun/Rain) will dry and then wash off this collected residue. This process works very efficiently in vertical applications (i.e. Windows, Curtain Walling etc.) however, this cannot be claimed for low pitch skylight applications.

The same coatings are of benefit to low pitch skylights, however, due to the reduced speed that water will run off the glass you will not be able to avoid having to occasionally clean your skylight. The Low Maintenance Glass that we will provide will greatly reduce the timescale between cleaning to as little as once a year.

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