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Environmental Management & Our Skylight Production

In recent years, at Sunsquare we have operated a strict environmental policy regarding both the manufacture of our skylights and the operation of our office headquarters in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

As the UK’s industry leaders for flat roof windows, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that everything we do has a minimal effect on the wider environment. We place environmental management at the forefront of our business, thinking very carefully about what we do and how it affects others.

Energy performance

Our product range of BSI Kitemarked skylights is inherently energy focussed; designed to encourage natural light into properties and providing good U-values to control heat loss. Our customers are asking about energy and environmental performance much more frequently and it is also fast becoming part of the tender process for the bigger contractors we work with.

Obsessed with quality

Sunsquare is one of the very few companies of its size to employ its very own quality manager; designed to control the procurement process and the company’s environmental policy.

Gary Hearn, our new Quality Manager, is working with the rest of our senior team to achieve the BSI’s ISO 14001 initiative; the world’s most recognised environmental management standard.

“The 14001 standard was revised at the end of last year and it now expects a company to do more than just be “green” with waste and energy,” said Hearn.

“Sunsquare is working with BSI on achieving the certification; they are UKAS accredited which means they challenge us to excel. If we are successful, we will have deserved it, not just ticked boxes.”

ISO 14001 provides us with a framework to enable us to meet increasingly high customer expectations of corporate responsibility; particularly given our current standing as industry leaders.

In layman’s terms it’s a means of allowing us to demonstrate the following:

·         We think about what we do and how it affects others

·         We process all our waste safely and effectively

·         We use energy wisely

·         We prevent pollution

·         We understand and plan to deal with external and internal issues

·         We recognise and plan to work with interested parties such as customers, suppliers, staff and regulators

·         We strive to continually improve

Monitoring and reducing our carbon emissions

As further confirmation of the work we’ve carried out to date, the Suffolk Carbon Charter recently acknowledged our improvements with a Bronze Award. The charter, which recognises carbon reduction measures in Suffolk’s small and medium-sized enterprises, is further proof of our commitment to our environmental performance.

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