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    The Pros and Cons
    of Manual and Electric Aero Skylights

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    Our opening Aero rooflight range provides a wealth of design opportunities for architects and developers, whether it’s for ventilation only into interiors or to provide direct access to rooftops. However, the bigger decision most people must make regarding an opening rooflight is whether they want it to open electronically or if they are happy to open and close it manually.

    Previously, the main factor in the decision-making process used to be the size of your Aero rooflight. Due to the inherent weight of glass, equivalent by volume to concrete, at Sunsquare we operated a rule that all skylights with a total area of less than 1.5m² could be supplied as either manual or electric. However, once this size limit was exceeded we only offered an electric-operated option.


    This rule was adhered to strictly as it has always been our core interest to provide customers with rooflights that are easily operated by all. We would not consider ourselves responsible designers if we were to offer rooflights that we knew could not be regularly operated with ease and safety.


    Nevertheless, today we now only provide opening Aero rooflights on our website that are operated electronically, not manually. This is because of the outstanding reliability and usability of our electric range, delivering effortless ventilation and roof access at the touch of a button – a bonus for homeowners of all ages.


    The concealed electronic motors of our Aero electric rooflights are extremely quiet, designed to be unobtrusive and bring added value to everyday life. Each electric Aero rooflight is supplied with a control panel and wall-mounted switch, for easy accessibility and operation.


    It’s always important to move with the times and at Sunsquare we’ve adopted state-of-the-art technology to help automate the operation of our Aero rooflights even further. Our heated rain sensor triggers the closure of your rooflight in the event it senses wet weather conditions. Meanwhile our comprehensive weather pack not only monitors for rainfall, it also activates the closure of your rooflight in the event of high winds.


    The weather pack can also be programmed to operate even when you’re away from your property during the holiday season – particularly handy for those wishing to maintain good levels of ventilation into their home at all times.


    With a Sunsquare rooflight, you can buy safe in the knowledge that each one is designed and manufactured in-house to suit the application; offering advice to our customers wherever necessary, resulting in a product that is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and supremely safe.


    Why electric opening rooflights are better than manual opening rooflights


    • Ventilation at the touch of a button
    • Fully automate opening and closure of your rooflight with a touchscreen controller
    • Ideal for those physically impaired or less mobile
    • Optional two-way remote controls available to control rooflight operation from the comfort of your armchair
    • Constant and reliable power thanks to optional battery back-up panels
    • Simple installation and excellent thermal performance when fitted onto an upstand


    Whether you’re an architect, self-builder or homeowner looking to transform interiors with abundant daylight and fresh air, at Sunsquare we can make your vision a reality with electronically operated opening rooflights that are the only rooflights of their type in the UK to secure a BSI Kitemark.


    An electric opening rooflight can provide a much-needed ‘wow factor’ for any residential or commercial building design – the perfect finishing touch whilst delivering everyday benefits to your interiors.


    For an initial consultation with our friendly, experienced team please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01284 848679 or drop us a line using our online enquiry form, where you can upload technical drawings to supplement your enquiry.


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