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In the second of our insights into how to sensibly specify and purchase the correct skylight for your property, we thought we would touch on installation.

One of the most critical factors when installing a skylight is getting the sequence of events right. An upstand is the first thing that needs to be installed before you do anything else. This is a frame on which the roofing membrane is attached and the skylight sits on top with the correct fall to allow water run-off on certain products and is required by Building Control.

At Sunsquare, our range of BSI Kitemarked products come with a separate upstand delivered seven days from the date your order is placed. People often ask why an upstand couldn’t simply be built by their contractor - but in actual fact it can.

However, to get everything 100% correct and allow your roofer to complete their pre-installation work - and guarantee the correct trigonometry (there should be a 5 degree fall for most products) - it is easier to order an upstand with your skylight to ensure that everything is smooth and your skylight fits. Most contractors and roofers that we deal with agree.

With regards to more complex rooflight installations that require our specialist services, some clients balk at the cost of the service. Most skilled contactors would invoice a company at least £120 a day in wages and national insurance; and that’s before you include any training or certifications.

All of our employees come in a safe uniform with the equipment that enables them to deal with any situation. We quite often employ our own crane to lift goods onto site and that requires an additional trained operative. For more complex jobs it’s highly likely there will be a site survey to be done – the cost of which is covered within the installation.

There are also tools and various sealants and highly technical equipment that we would use for a complex installation. The cost of logistics is all included within our clients’ installation bill too. Our own highly trained engineers are required to have had at least 2 years’ experience manufacturing in our factories to even qualify to be part of our installation teams.

In addition, there is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the rooflight that sits over your family dining table has been installed in accordance with the BSI Kitemark standard and you can enjoy it safe in the knowledge that it has been professionally handled. Try getting a third-party installer to answer the phone if you were to have an issue. All Sunsquare customers have complete recourse if they have any issue to raise, big or small.

So if you are looking for a skylight that requires installation please be assured that when Sunsquare install, it is done properly with all advice and problem solving included. The overall cost suddenly becomes very reasonable when you take into account all of the above.

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