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    The UK BIM standards is becoming a key consideration for our industry. With the future of the construction sector heading digital, the UK BIM standards is an increasingly useful way to derive improvements across the built environment, notably cost, value and carbon performance.

    Read on to learn more about Building Information Modelling in the UK and the most important standards involved in it.

    So, what is BIM?

    BIM is a simple acronym for ‘Building Information Modelling’, the means by which everyone can understand a building through the use of a digital model. The model is created using a range of data and enables those who interact with the building to optimise their actions.


    The estimated savings to UK construction and its clients through the introduction of the UK BIM standards is an estimated £2bn per year, and as a result it’s no surprise that the government have committed to the introduction of the technology.


    ‘Level 2’ standards are currently in place, and the government committed to introducing ‘Level 3’ within its latest budget.

    The BIM Level 2 documents and standards are as follows

    PAS 91:2013

    This is a publicly available specification in which the content, format and use of questions widely applicable to prequalification for construction tendering as set out. Table 8 of the document also covers BIM capabilities.


    BS 1992:2007

    This is a standard that establishes methodology for producing, distributing managing the quality of construction information. Data generated by CAD systems is also included.


    PAS 1192-2:2013

    This is another publically available specification (PAS) that specifies the requirements for achieving BIM Level 2.


    PAS 1192-3:2014

    Another PAS that details the requirements for information management regarding BIM level 2, especially as relates to operation and management of the assets, including buildings and infrastructure.


    BS 1192-4:2014

    This standard defines the methodology for transferring structured information relating to facilities between differing parties. It also helps to define expectations for the design and construction project phases prior to handover and acquisition.


    PAS 1192-5:2015

    This PAS specifies the requirements for security-minded management of projects that utilise digital technologies, as well as those that use associated control systems. Examples of these would be building management systems, digital built environments and smart asset management.


    BS 7000-4:2013

    This section helps offer guidance on managing the construction design process at every level, for every type of construction project.


    BS 8536-1:2015

    This Standard relates to projects that deliver assets and facilities according to defined operational requirements such as maintenance. It also covers expected performance outcomes.


    BS 8541-1:2012

    This section offers the necessary requirements for defining format and content for any library objects that support briefing, design, tendering, construction and management of the relevant built assets.


    BS 8541-2:2011

    This section offers recommendations and guidance for symbols and other forms of graphic convention relevant to those preparing drawings for use in the construction industry.


    BS 8541-3: 2012

    This extension of BS 8541-1 covers purposes for characterizing the shape and measurement of construction library objects designed to be used in the building facility and construction domain. This directly applies to the use and creation of generic and manufacturer product objects.


    BS 8541-4: 2012

    This extension of BS 8541-1 covers purposes for characterizing the shape and measurement of construction library objects designed to be used in the building facility and construction domain. This directly applies to the use and creation of generic and manufacturer product objects, and focuses on the attributes for specification and assessment.


    BS 8541-5:2015

    This offers recommendations covering the transmitting of assemblies of construction library objects when used throughout the ‘project’ and ‘in-life’ life cycle stages. As with the above two standards, it applies to the use and creation of generic and manufacturer specific products.


    BS 8541-6:2015

    This section offers recommendations on the transmission of product declarations that relate to construction library objects and facility declarations (such as buildings, infrastructure and built assets) as applies primarily to manufacturer specific products, but in some cases also to facility declarations.

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