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    The entire Sunsquare skylight range is covered by a comprehensive warranty of 10 years. This includes all items supplied but excludes electrical components.

    The insulating glass units used in the manufacture of the skylights are also covered by a 25 year unit seal guarantee.

    • All electrical components are covered by a 2 year warranty.
    • Our upstands have a comprehensive 35 year warranty.
    • The warranty covers both parts and labour.


    We are, by request, able to offer extended or collateral warranties should your application require this, please mention this at the point of enquiry for a competitive quotation.

    Protecting our customers with an insurance backed warranty

    At Sunsquare we believe in giving you peace of mind when you buy one of our products. Our skylights and rooflights are a fantastic way to allow natural light into your home, but that doesn’t mean forgetting that they are large pieces of glass hanging above the heads of our families and loved ones. One of the most important aspects to look out for when selecting a new skylight or rooflight is the provision of a warranty.

    Protecting our clients

    Sunsquare can now offer an invested in an insurance backed warranty, working with insurance provider Inspire. This will cover our rooflights and skylights for up to 10 years and our electronics for up to 2 years. We have different price points for obtaining this warranty, depending on how much you spend on products. They are as follows:

    • For orders up to £5k, an insurance backed warranty will cost £350
    • For orders from £5k – £10k, the warranty will cost £450
    • For orders over £10k, Sunsquare can provide the warranty free of charge


    The beauty of this warranty is that it covers the product rather than the person taking out the policy. The benefits of the insurance will pass to subsequent owners of the product (without having to issue a replacement policy document). This means if you decide to move home, the insurance policy will transfer to the new owner, giving you both peace of mind.

    Contact Sunsquare today

    A warranty provides security for you and your loved ones. It’s a practical investment for anyone purchasing a Sunsquare product. If you have questions or want to discuss taking out a warranty alongside your Sunsquare products, get in touch today.

    Please note Nickle Sulphide inclusions are excluded from our warranty, see our FAQ pages for more information https://www.sunsquare.co.uk/faqs/

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