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The physiological impact of increased levels of natural daylight into your property can have immediate results. Sunlight helps our bodies produce Vitamin D which helps regulate our moods and energy levels. Natural daylight is proven to be a great addition to commercial workplaces as well as private homes for that exact reason.

With abundant levels of daylight all year round, property owners can subsequently reduce their overall reliance on artificial lighting. Not only does this result in a more attractive living or working space it means cheaper utility bills – the savings of which can pay for the long term investment in a skylight.

In terms of energy consumption, thermal efficiency is a big deal for the leading skylight manufacturers in the UK. At Sunsquare, our market-leading U-value technology allows us to calculate the U-value of every single unit that leaves our factory.

All of our skylights are thermally broken too, using two polyamide insulating sections which are then factory glazed with a 26mm argon-filling and a soft coat low-E insulating glass unit. Our low-emittance coatings are virtually invisible metal or metallic oxide layers which are deposited on the surface of a skylight and work to reduce the U-value factor by suppressing heat loss.

If your property suffers from distinctly poor air quality then you may be surprised to hear that a skylight can help with this issue too. Opening skylights such as our Aero Electric model can be opened and closed electronically to recycle the air in your home or workplace through ventilation.

An opening skylight can also transform living spaces such as roof terraces; with our Aero Electric Access model providing you with an altogether new point of access to maximise outdoor space.

Planning permission is rarely an issue for property owners looking to install a skylight even if it is a new addition to an existing roof. It is always worth checking simply because some shapes and sizes such as pyramid or lantern skylights can stand out from the roof and potentially cause an issue with neighbours.

The only regulations that you should really check are building regulations. There is a limit to how much glass an individual structure is allowed. If you opt to work with an architect to redesign your roof they should know of the regulations as will most building contractors.

As well as short term cost savings in terms of utility bills the installation of a roof window can also greatly enhance the overall value of your property. Eco-friendly, sustainable design and architecture is something the UK construction industry is increasingly focusing on and you can get in on the action too.

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