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What does the Kitemark mean for the skylight industry?

For years Sunsquare have strived to make a difference to an unregulated skylight industry. No one in the industry has gone even close to creating new standards in the way Sunsquare have. Instead it has been a self-protecting, self-governing industry that had no defined standards and very little by way of regulation to allow a client to make an informed and safe decision.

Sunsquare have made themselves unpopular along the way to achieving a Kitemark with the industry association trying at every stage to block progress if it could. The problem is that with a company out there determined to actually be the very best they can, the more apathetic and poor quality manufacturers were always going to be shown up when this sort of thing happens.

Safe & Secure Skylights For Peace of Mind

At Sunsquare it was always believed that the rooflights and skylights that we design and manufacture could be extremely dangerous and unsafe if it is allowed to be manufactured by unscrupulous or substandard companies. Sunsquare believe that overhead glass in the skylights must have standards attached to ensure that anyone and everyone walking underneath the glass can do so with peace of mind.

Reassuring High-Quality Standards

So what does this actually mean to the industry? It means that the BSI have created new protocol for the flat roof glazing industry and decided, as they do with all of the other products it awards a Kitemark to, what the standards should be to ensure anyone who buys such a product whether a business or end client, can do so with peace of mind.

In a nut shell, there is only one set of rooflights on the market that meet the criteria that the BSI have established as the new flat roof skylight Kitemark and they belong to Sunsquare. It has been pointed out that if one were offered the chance to purchase a baby car seat and the choices were buying one with a Kitemark and one without, there really isn’t a decision to make. This, in Sunsquare’s opinion, is no different with rooflights.

Sunsquare are not suggesting that everyone should buy a skylight from them, more just be sure that the product that you are putting above yours and your families head have a Kitemark. It is the only way that quality and safety are assured.

Find out more about our dedication to quality the the BSI Kitmark at the BSI website.

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