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So, what is CPD?

CPD stands for ‘Continuing Professional Development’ and is the term used to describe the education and learning experiences working professionals use to develop and enhance their abilities.

Put simply, CPD is the commitment of professionals to improving both their personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers.

There are a lot of different methodologies used by professionals, including:

  • Training workshops,

  • Conferences and events

  • E-learning programs

  • Idea sharing

  • Best practice techniques

And a host of others, so the opportunities available are obvious.  With over 1,000 institutes and professional bodies operating throughout the UK, there has never been a better time to take advantage of CPD.

At its heart, CPD combines both the knowledge and insight of academic work with skills-based, practical work that aims to help key members of staff develop their skills and knowledge within the industry.

CPD Learning – the different interpretations

There are three main varieties of CPD learning:

Structure CPD – otherwise known as active learning

Active structured learning involves interactive, participation-based study.  This will usually be proactive, and based around something like a training course, workshop or conference.  This is also the term used for professionals taking career-orientated exams.

Reflective CPD – otherwise known as passive learning

Reflective learning isn’t participation based, and is essentially consuming content related to the industry such as reading articles, listening to podcasts and educating oneself on industry updates.  Informal meetings may also be classed as CPD.

Self-Directed CPD – otherwise known as unstructured learning

This is similar to reflective CPD, but relates to any activity carried out unaccompanied.  This may include watching videos, reading articles or industry journals or checking out industry news feeds.

So, what are the benefits of CPD?

CPD learning can benefit almost any company in a number of different ways:

  • It helps increase positive perception of your brand, leading to a higher standing and the opportunity to build positive relationships with clients and customers

  • It encourages a healthy learning culture, leading to a more fulfilled workforce

  • It can help you retain valuable staff members

  • It can help you meet staff requirements in specific industries where qualifications are a requirement

Can CPD be certified?

Yes.  Accredited CPD training (which is monitored by demonstrates that a learning activity has reached the required standards and benchmarks for integrity and quality. 

Sunsquare and CPD 

Sunsquare will be hosting its very own CPD seminar in the coming months. For more information on how you can get involved, click here.

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