What is the Difference Between Roof Lights or Skylights?

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What is the Difference Between Roof Lights or Skylights?


If you’re confused about the various terms ‘roof light,’ ‘skylight’ or ‘roof window,’ and what is best in your case, then don’t worry. You wouldn’t be the first person to be confused by it. The fact is, there is little or no difference between the meanings of the different terms. It has just happened that, over time, these different terms have become popular alternatives for what is essentially the same thing. On this website you will see these different terms cropping up frequently. This is because different people use different terms to search when, really, they are searching for the same thing. Whether you call it roof light, skylight or roof window, the aim remains the same: maximise the natural light levels (and in the cases of non-fixed models – ventilation too) coming into a room or living space. Here at Sunsquare, we specialise in flat roof models. Hopefully this clarification helps you with your decision. If you want to talk through the various options and models with an expert advisor, please contact us.

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