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What sort of glazing should I look for in a skylight?


There are many types of glass that can be used in overhead glazing and skylights, whether it’s single, double or triple glazed. So which should you choose?

Toughened glass and laminated glass

Toughened glass is probably the most popular when it comes to inner panes as, should the worst happen, the glass shatters into very small fragments; avoiding any possibility of serious injury or damage to goods below.

The unfortunate thing with toughened glass is that – in all likelihood – the slightest imperfection (inclusion) caused during the processing of it will result in the glass shattering at some stage in the future.

Sunsquare have always been pioneers in this field and as glass quality started to diminish some years ago, we introduced the only skylight to have heat soaked toughened glass in it.

The result is that any imperfections spotted during the glass manufacturing process are recycled and therefore 99% of the problems are solved. We believe, along with the BSI who Kitemarked our entire rooflight range, that this is the very minimum that should be specified.

It took many years for the industry to catch up with us, and now, for most it is a norm. That said, it is a question that should be asked of any rooflight manufacturer from the outset.

As a skylight design and manufacture company who work with some of the world’s best architects every day, we noticed that specifications for public buildings required a more robust specification to ensure safety always.

The most useful specification of glass for an inner pane in that environment is a laminated pane. Put simply, this consists of two panes stuck together with an interlayer which means that, should anything shatter the pane, it stays in the same position with zero chance of damage to human or property below.

In addition, the interlayer also acts as a UV filter, deflecting as much of the sun’s rays as possible, helping to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

In the event a laminated pane was broken, we could simply renew the double glazed unit and no-one or nothing has come to any physical harm.

The problem with laminated glass is that it is, by its very nature of the additional processing, more expensive than most other forms of glass. At Sunsquare we decided that we would rather implement the same specification of glass that everyone is afforded in public buildings into the home too. This means that our standard 28mm unit is by far the highest specification of glazed unit offered as standard.

The above begs the question - why take the risk?

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