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Just as a new skylight can offer a wealth of benefits to any home-owner, it can also offer a huge amount of potential to businesses looking to save themselves money, making visual improvements to their office or simply reduce the amount of energy they use in order to be more ‘green’.

So let’s take a look at everything you need to consider when choosing commercial skylights:

Choosing the right commercial skylight

Where are you having the skylight fitted? As we’ll look at further down the page, commercial properties are often quite unique in terms of layout. It’s therefore important to plan out the right space: remember that it’ll need to have both the right amount of light exposure and enough space. It’s also important to pick a location based on light: do you want the sun in the morning or the afternoon, or mid-day?

What variety of model will you need? The chances are that if you’ve got people working in your office all year round, you’re going to want to purchase an open-skylight: the benefits of the air circulation are many, after all. However, you’ll also need to look at whether you’ll need an automated opening system or a standard. (If your chosen spot is difficult to reach, for instance, the chances are you’ll require the latter).

Which glazing do you prefer? Though we typically recommend our specialist thermally broken double glazing, which offers superb energy-efficient performance, there are a number of other options to be considered. This includes tinting and our recently released Advanced+ glazing.

Which frame materials are you looking at? We wholly recommend thermally broken aluminium, as this offers outstanding performance in helping to keep the temperature of your building down – even in the UK’s most volatile weather periods!

Choosing the right skylight manufacturer

Ensure they have experience. Installing a commercial skylight might be similar to installing one domestically, but that doesn’t mean they’re identical. Commercial buildings often have their own unique quirks and foibles and it’s important to establish that your chosen manufacturer has the necessary experience – ask them to provide evidence of work completed in the commercial sector. At Sunsquare, we have a host of commercial project case studies that you can take a look at here.

Get the right price. We don’t necessarily mean the cheapest price. You should ensure that you’re getting value for money. Ask about warranties and guarantees, as well as how their customer service operates: ensure that you’re going to enjoy the long-term benefits of the work.

Are they ahead of the curve? Most successful companies remain at the cutting edge of their respective industries: they’re always evolving, always improving and always delivering. Your rooflight manufacturer should be the same. At Sunsquare, we’ve always remained ahead of the pack – indeed, we were recently nominated by the prestigious London Construction Awards because of our innovation.

Can they offer exactly what you need? Your business is one of a kind and your working environment should be, too. Whilst there are many skylight manufacturers out there, can any of them really offer you all of the options you deserve? Can they offer completely bespoke designs with the aim of giving your workplace the perfect magical final touch? If all they can offer is ‘one-size-fits-all’ or a simple catalogue of products you can find everywhere else, it might be looking to a different seller.

Are they certified? You want to know that your business is investing in a skylight manufacturer that’s earned its reputation for quality. Sunsquare, for instance, are the first company in our industry whose products are BSI Kitemarked. Can your chosen manufacturer say the same?

Get in touch

Remember, there are a wide number of considerations that go into choosing a commercial skylight, so it’s perfectly normal to take your time to choose the right design for your work space. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to give Sunsquare a call: we’ll be happy to work with you to ensure your business ends up with nothing less than the perfect rooflight.

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