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Breathing New Life Into Your Home

If you're trying to find ways to update the look and feel of your home then upgrading your windows is good solution - not only can a new glazing solution significantly improve your living space with abundant levels of natural light and energy credentials, they add undoubted value to the price of your home.

We appreciate that the key to successful window shopping is ensuring the style of any new windows complement your property. Depending on your personal preference you may also want to consider designs that are energy efficient, low-maintenance, or electrically-operated for supreme convenience.

But nowadays there are even more alternatives to consider and here are some interesting ideas to consider when choosing a new glazing solution for your home this year:

Natural Light From Above

Instead of replacing conventional windows for the sake of it - or losing valuable wall space by installing bi-fold doors - have you considered having skylights fitted in your roof? Skylights or roof windows as they are also commonly known are structures that allow natural light hitting the roof to travel through to the interior of a property.

They are incredibly popular with homeowners with living spaces that do not receive much natural daylight; whether it’s hallways, window-less rooms and rooms close to patios and verandas.

Environmentally Friendly Skylight Designs

With energy bills on the rise roof windows are also an energy efficient way to brighten your residential or commercial premises. Using abundant levels of natural light rather than electricity as a primary light source saves energy and greatly enhances living space.

At Sunsquare, our very own BSI-accredited skylight designs are constructed from a unique sandwich panel, providing a U-value of 0.58 and a zero-per cent condensation risk. Each of our skylights offer the best energy efficiency when fitted with an upstand which guarantees a skylight will fit, creating enough height from the roof surface and enough pitch for water run-off on the skylight.

Transform Your Basement

Whether you own a property with a basement already or you are considering purchasing a property with one and are unsure what to do with the space, a flat roof skylight could be the answer. Interior walk-on roof lights are perfect for living spaces allowing natural light from above to enter the room below.

You needn’t worry about heat loss either. Our Horizon walk-on range of glass ceilings is thermally broken, with two polyamide insulating sections and factory glazing ensuring it is not only safe to walk on but able to keep your basement warm and dry.

Low Maintenance Roof Windows

As well as finding windows that complement the overall style of your property and improve the energy efficiency of a room, you may require windows that don’t require too much physical exertion to open, close and clean.

Some flat roof skylights are built to be used electronically with intuitive sensors and accessories. Electrically operated skylights can open and close on their own, depending on external weather conditions and remotely controlled from the comfort of your armchair.

Pyramids… not the Egyptian kind

Roof windows can also make a bold architectural statement to your property. Put aside thoughts of energy efficiency and levels of natural light and from the outside, the right skylight can add a contemporary touch of class to your home. For instance, our latest pyramid-shaped skylight is engineered to maximise the amount of light filtering through at an all-new 30-degree pitch that’s unobtrusive to next door neighbours.

Take a good look at your property. You might want to take a step back and view it from outside on the street; what colours, shapes and lines would enhance the aesthetic value of your home?

Don’t be afraid of walking around your neighbourhood and finding some inspiration that way. You might just find other homeowners are beginning to see the value of flat roof windows too!

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