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    Electric Skylights and Rooflights
    from Sunsquare

    Our electric rooflights and skylight range, all BSI kitemarked and tailor-made, including the Aero, Pyramid multi-pane and Aero Glide, can be made bespoke to fit almost any roof type. Our range of skylights are manufactured and designed to the specific needs of your home, renovation or commercial project.

    Aero Electric Vent Roof

    Aero Electric Vent Roof


    Aero Electric Roof Access Rooflight

    Aero Electric Roof Access Rooflight


    Aero Glide Skylight

    Aero Glide Skylight


    Aero Pyramid Skylight

    Aero Pyramid Skylight


    Aero Dual Skylight

    Aero Dual Skylight


    Pyramid Multipane Roof Lantern

    Pyramid Multipane Roof Lantern


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    Our extensive range of electronic rooflights and skylights are manufactured with unrivaled accuracy, allowing you to purchase a stylish Sunsquare product that is as unique as you are. Whether it is a gliding skylight, multi-pane skylight or pyramid skylight, we have the facilities and expertise to bring your vision to life. Irrespective of the Sunsquare electric skylight you choose, you can be sure you are buying a roof window that is both safe and energy efficient. All these with a full warranty.


    Below is a list of all our electric skylights


    Aero Electric Vent Rooflight
    The Aero Vent skylight is operated via concealed electronic motors and is supplied with a transformer/control panel and wall mounted switch as standard as well as laminated safety glass.

    Aero Electric Roof Access Rooflight
    The Aero Access is an electrically operated opening roof light that opens fully to provide a new means of accessing your roof space whilst still bringing abundant natural light and ventilation into the interior below.

    Aero Glide Skylight
    The Aero Glide has an average opening and closing time of just ten seconds per metre (based on an average load). This allows for fast, smooth and quiet operation, day and night.

    Aero Pyramid Skylight
    Merging the design of two of our kitemarked market leading products, the 30º Pitch Pyramid Skylight and Aero Electric Vent Rooflight we have created the ultimate rooflight – offering elegance, endurance and ventilation at the touch of a button.

    Aero Dual Skylight
    This synchronised skylight opens in dual sections to allow the maximum amount of opening area with the minimum footprint. The Aero Dual provides abundant natural light and ventilation into the space below.

    Pyramid Multi-pane
    This elongated pyramid roof lantern will become a guaranteed focal feature in your residential or commercial building. The Pyramid Multi-pane is the most advanced elongated lantern rooflight available on the market.

    Why choose Sunsquare?

    Continually raising the bar for excellence in the UK skylight industry, our bespoke electric skylights and rooflights are the only tailored rooflights to obtain the BSI kitemark for its performance. 

    Every skylight and rooflight that leaves our factory is manufactured using industry leading technology. This means that whether you are looking for the perfect skylight for your home or architectural project, Sunsquare skylights are not only aesthetically pleasing but surpasses safety performance standards of like-for-like products on the market. 

    At Sunsquare we are able to configure your bespoke skylight configuration, incorporating specifications such as shaped units, ridges, hips and valleys, multi-pane units and more. If you require a configuration outside of what you believe that we currently provide, please get in touch with a member of our friendly team who can discuss all of the skylight possibilities with you.


    The wow factor

    With almost a decade of experience, you can rely on Sunsquare to create exactly what you desire and even exceed your expectations.
    Our attention to detail and unrivaled knowledge allow us to provide bespoke rooflights that don’t just serve their purpose but add that ‘wow factor’ to your home.

    We are keen to use our state-of-the-art facilities and our expertise to help architects, builders, and specifiers to bring project visions to life. As the UK’s only BSI Kitemarked flat roof rooflight manufacturer, if we can’t design it, no one can!


    Unmatched lead times

    The majority of our rooflights are dispatched from our factory in as little as three weeks, meaning that we offer high-specification, bespoke rooflights with some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

    With our expertise over the years in the UK, we are always confident that we are the best company to design your electric skylight. We possess the capacity to render and print 3D designs and working parts. Get in touch with us today

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