Sunsquare: The market leaders in skylight and roof light design and installation

Management Team

Justin Seldis

Managing Director

Justin is helping to shape the future of Sunsquare by planning their market expansion through shows, new products and cutting edge technology. With the advent of the KiteMark accreditation Sunsquare is poised to take its products abroad on a much larger scale. Justin is confident that Sunsquare’s position as a leader in their field is now going to be a global matter. Together with recent investment in technology and accreditation Sunsquare are positioned extremely well for the future.

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Clive Howard

Technical Director

Clive has diverse and varied disciplines which he brings to Sunsquare Ltd. A multi-disciplined professional, he brings a wealth of Technical and Business knowledge to the company. His Managerial experience and Engineering background will provide leadership to an already accomplished Technical department. Technical Design and continual Product Development are major elements of any business and Clive adds his experience to the business model, helping to ensure full customer satisfaction of the Sunsquare product.

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Mark Lambert

Sales Director

With countless years of experience in many elements of the building trade and an in depth knowledge of project management and technical fabrication, Mark is ideally suited to his role. As Sales Director Mark looks after our clients and potential clients whether trade or domestic. His aim is to ensure his team make the process of owning a Sunsquare as smooth and as pleasurable as possible.
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UK Office Team Members

Steve Piggott

Senior Specification Co-ordinator

For the larger and more complex contracts, Steve is your man. With decades of experience in both the manufacturing and building industry as well, as with Sunsquare, Steve and his unflappable approach are incredibly valuable. Steve is tasked with ensuring that contracts are executed as smoothly as possible.

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Amanda Ritchie

Financial Admin

If you get a call from Amanda you know you either owe us money or we owe you money. Either way Amanda deals with all elements of our day to day finance with a smile on her face and a manner that seemingly makes it a pleasure paying your bill.

Alison Moore

Sales Admin

Ali is at the heart of the sales operation at Sunsquare. She is responsible with ensuring that all contracts are dealt with as swiftly and professionally as possible. Any issues at all regarding the process of ordering, Ali should be your first port of call.

Robert Dolphin

IT Manager

Any company is dependant upon it's IT infrastructure, it is the life blood allowing a company to thrive and prosper. Sunsquare have always been at the cutting edge of technology both in their factories and offices and Rob's role is to ensure these complex and interconnecting systems all work seamlessly.

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Production & Site Staff Members

Wojciech Kobylecki

Technical Manager

Wojtek leads the technical team that take a Sunsquare order from design to manufacture aided by the very latest in production and design software. His role ensures that every element of a Sunsquare bespoke Skylight is designed to an unbelievably high standard. Wojtek works closely with James to test the boundaries of what is possible in flat roof glazing.

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Wlodek Ferka

Technical assistant

Wlodek works with Wojtek and James to ensure that the design team and the manufacturing technology are talking to one another. Tasked with programming and design work Wlodek is a valuable asset in the design department.

Cezary Feldman

Joinery Workshop Team Leader

One of our longest serving members of staff Cezary epitomises what Sunsquare are all about. All of our up-stands are manufactured and distributed under the uber critical gaze of Cezary. A perfectionist in every sense of the word, Cezary is also tasked with factory cleanliness which means that one could almost certainly eat your lunch off our factory floor. A champion among our workforce and one of the nicest men you would ever meet.

Czeslaw Habrajski

Frame assembly Team Leader

In the words of a famous song Czeslav is tasked with making sure we have “all the bits in all the right places”. With an eye for precision and detail this man ensures that our award winning frames as engineered to perfection. His team are ruthless in their pursuit of perfection, which is exactly how it should be.

Mateusz Sibilski

CNC and Machining Team Leader

With the most advances machinery in the industry at his finger tips Mateusz ensures that our many profiles and CNC machines come together to produce a perfect KiteMarked skylight every time. One of our younger team members, Mateusz has a wonderful future ahead of him at Sunsquare.

We Are Sunsquare

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