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Business standards body BSI has announced revisions to BS 8300:2018 Design of an accessible and inclusive environment.

Superseding the previous 2009 version, BS 8300 now comes in two parts. Part 1: External environment – code of practice covers guidance around access points and approaches to buildings primarily, while Part 2: Buildings – code of practice features advice on providing sufficient access, and necessary facilities, inside of properties.

The revision of the standard places emphasis on creating inclusive environments – those deemed accessible to as wide a range of users as possible: disabled people, the elderly, and children, for instance. The aim is to provide the information needed by clients, builders, designers, government officials and regulatory enforcers to facilitate the construction of fully inclusive buildings from project inception.

 Accompanying the updated British Standard is a section of commentary covering the challenges and barriers to access which are most commonly experienced by users. The revision therefore signals an opportunity for industry professionals to learn and refresh their knowledge of inclusive design, and to ensure any future planning proposals will satisfactorily address inclusivity requirements.

 Recommendations range from the specific to the highly flexible. Part 1 relates to aspects of the external environment – including access to the building and external features such street design, public facilities and parking spaces. Part 2 covers interior building design from doors and windows, reception facilities, corridors, slopes and more. Rest assured that the team at Sunsquare will be up to scratch on all the latest recommendations around rooflight accessibility and safety.

 The guidance also covers accommodation of inclusive design in both religious and historic buildings, which can be very poor at providing extensive accessibility.

 As the UK’s first and only provider of BSI Kitemarked skylights and roof windows, we naturally take BSI’s revisions very seriously here at Sunsquare. Our aim is not just to meet these high standards of energy performance, security and long-term safety – but also to surpass them, wherever possible!

Suffice to say we’ll be pouring over the detail of this latest revision by the BSI and applying any recommendations to our range of rooflights. If you’re an architect, builder or specifier with any questions about what the regulations may mean for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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