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The Federation attended the UK Infrastructure Conference earlier this month and group chief executive, Nigel Rees was part of the delegation that listened to key speakers, Rt. Hon Ed Balls MP, Lord Andrew Adonis and Sir John Armitt discuss the Armitt Review of Infrastructure Planning set up by the Labour Party in 2012.

Within the presentation, Armitt examined:

  • Whether a new institutional structure can be established that better enables the long term decision making necessary for strategic infrastructure planning and;
  • How polictical consensus can be forged around these decisions.

The National Infrastructure Commission is the key recommendation to emerge from the Review, with Labour intimating it would implement this Commission should it regain power in the upcoming General Election.

“It was an interesting conference but there was perhaps too much focus on energy and not enough on energy efficiency,” said Nigel Rees.

“We will continue [as a Federation] to push our energy efficiency glazing campaigns to Shadow Ministers as well as to the Government in the run up to the General Election and beyond.

“It’s vital that Government and policy makers are made aware of the advantages of energy efficient glass and glazing and that our industry gets treated equally with all the other energy efficient measures that are used in construction and home improvement.”

The Commission will be designed to report across all of the key sectors of economic infrastructure in line with the National Infrastructure Goals for the UK, such as:

  1. The infrastructure is to help deliver more good jobs, stronger and more balanced growth and rising standards for all.
  2. The most connected and open trading nation in the world.
  3. The best place in the world to do scientific research.
  4. A decarbonised power sector and infrastructure that meets the challenge of climate change.
  5. A transport network which spreads growth and prosperity to every part of the UK.
  6. The most advanced telecommunications economy in the world.
  7. The most resource efficient economy in the world.
  8. A secure, sustainable energy system.
  9. Five cities in the European Top 20 for growth between now and 2045.
  10. 10. The infrastructure, new towns and urban extensions that will ensure 200,000 new homes a year are built by 2020 and meet the housing requirements by 2025.

Energy efficiency is certainly something that Sunsquare, as industry-leading UK skylight design and manufacturers, consider at all times.

Our entire range of BSI-accredited skylights are truly thermally broken. Thermal breaks are a skylights’ built-in defence against cold-bridging. They form an integral part of the skylight frame, isolating the joint between internal and external faces and thereby minimising heat loss and condensation levels.

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