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2017 has been another great year for Sunsquare. While the building industry has had a little bit of a slow-down as Brexit negotiations continue, it has given us here at Sunsquare the time to develop some interesting products and additions to our range. Research and development is at the heart of what we do—Sunsquare have never rushed a product to market as our accreditations are testament to. We like to ensure that anything that exits our factory doors is tried, tested and certificated.

We launched our new plug and play electronics for our ventilation and access skylights this year. This revolutionary bit of in-house designed technology not only enhances our Kite-marked range, but means that the client has a simple and foolproof way of connecting their skylight to power. Not only is our control panel fully CE marked, it means that it is impossible to wire one of our skylights or accessories incorrectly due to the colour and shape co-ordinated wires that plug into the control panel. We also offer the longest warranty of any company in our industry on our electronics.

Consistently high standards

The most important part of what Sunsquare do is to offer market leading consistency. Our KITEMARK, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations are not a given in any one year. We have to prove that at every stage of the process, we not only live up to our KITEMARK, but also do it the same way every time, whether for a highly bespoke or standard product. It is this consistently high standard that sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to continue being market leading. 2017 has been a year that has not only made me proud of what we achieve on a consistent basis (judged by the BSI), but once again demonstrated that people really do buy quality.

New products

We will be expanding our pyramid product range in January. Sunsquare’s new extended pyramid product is not only market leading in its design, but slim-line and sleek in its appearance. The launch of this innovative product means that we can create modern lantern style roof-lights up to 5 meters in length with ease. 

We have a further two new products coming in the new year that will revolutionise the way the industry creates opening rooflights. Years in the making, these designs will be the equivalent of the iPhone for the skylight industry. We will be launching one of the products at the BRE Innovation Centre in Watford in the new year, with the second following in February. While we would love to tell all, we want to surprise the industry (as we always have) but can’t wait to share our advances with our clients and peers.

A well-deserved break

We will be closing for a Christmas break from 22nd December at midday to 2nd January. The amazing colleagues that I am privileged to work with here have truly earned their festive break. I am, as always, extremely grateful to all of them and every customer that has used our products and services in the last 12 months.

I would like to wish our valued clients a very happy Christmas and healthy New Year. We are excited about what 2018 will bring, and look forward to launching our new products in the New Year.

All the best,

Justin Seldis

Managing Director

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