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Organic materials such as carpet, fabrics, paper, artwork and wood are all subject to fading in the event of increased exposure to sunlight. Selecting the right windows and rooflights is therefore crucial to control the amount of transmitted radiation into homes and workplaces.

According to the International Window Film Association (IWFA) there are various factors that can cause fading to happen:

• Ultraviolet light (40%)
• Visible light (25%)
• Solar gain and heat (25%)
• Artificial lighting and humidity (10%)

With any form of light, it is impossible to completely eliminate fading of interiors but a laminated interlayer within a window or skylight offers the best possible protection from the sun’s rays i.e. UV natural light and solar heat.

Laminated glass is produced by bonding two panes of glass together with a sheet of PVB interlayer. This acts as a safety feature which, if broken, remains firmly in place.

Laminated glass offers increased security as it becomes progressively more difficult to break through the glass even when it has been broken.

When paired with a solar control glazing coating, laminated inner panes can allow visible light to pass through into interiors whilst absorbing and reflecting as much of the UV transmittance as possible.

At Sunsquare, our external range of flat roof skylights include a laminated inner pane as standard, offering outstanding protection from interior fading, as well as added safety and security.

We can glaze almost any glass configuration into our BSI Kitemarked range. From low maintenance glazing, ideal for hard to reach areas, making it durable against the elements and easy to keep clean, to acoustic and privacy glazing, perfect for urban developments, we have glass treatments available to meet your particular needs.

Take some time to browse through our portfolio of recent work, adding genuine value to domestic and commercial spaces across the country. 

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