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Every so often there is a design company that changes the way we view a product. It alters the way we use it and shifts our whole concept of what a product should do in the future.

I remember standing in the queue 10 years ago for the first iPhone, and then again for the launch of the iPad. Who could have predicted how those products would change the way we live? My toddler children now effortlessly flick from TV programme to photos and messages with a swipe that has become a perfectly natural part of the way we function. Other companies followed, and now the vast majority of phones and tablets, while being able to operate a whole suite of productivity applications, have no keyboard or buttons.

It is difficult in the skylight business to innovate to the same extent, but as market leaders and the only kite-mark accredited manufacturer, it is our responsibility to look at ways of changing the industry for the better.

Over the years we have led in the field when it comes to safety and ease of use in the world of rooflights. Sunsquare were the first to introduce heat soaked glass to minimise the possibility of an inclusion in the glass. Sunsquare were also the first to offer an upstand as part of an order to minimise issues on site. We are the only company to offer a decorstop and now the only company to offer laminated glass as standard. Sunsquare’s product range is the only BSI Kite-marked skylight in the world. These and many more innovative designs is what sets us apart from the rest.

It has always been our philosophy at Sunsquare to look at the long-term when It comes to product. It would be easy to sell a substandard product into the industry based on price, but we resolutely refuse, due to the fact that we wish to be around for another 15 years at least.

When It comes to electric skylights, one of the issues for a client has been the wiring. With the addition of rain sensors, weather stations, remote controls, temperature sensors and switches, it can be complex, even for an electrician. Over the years, we have had countless conversations with electricians and very many badly wired skylights showing faults. It should be simple, but we have found that giving any scope for interpretation can be a risk. Because the actuation on our skylight is a lower voltage than main electricity, a mistake can blow the actuation and be a very costly mistake. Apart from that, it can be expensive to get an electrician on site to assist with the installation and commissioning of said skylight.

So, we are extremely proud to announce that we have created the world’s first plug and play electric skylight range. No need for an electrician, interpretation or expensive mistakes. Each of our electric skylights will now come literally ready to plug in and use. So innovative is the new system, that we have made it impossible to incorrectly wire the skylight and offer the facility to plug the skylight in and operate it immediately without the need for any complex wiring. All you need is a plug socket and you will have a fully functioning skylight. Each addition to the skylights is plugged in to unique sockets, meaning that it cannot be wired incorrectly.

The wiring system has been tested for a year by the BSI and is completely unique in our industry. Not only is this excellent news for our clients, they will be even happier to hear that this comes as standard on all our electronic products and at no extra cost.

This has been three years in the making and we believe that it will revolutionise the way people buy and use skylights in the future. With three further industry changing products due out in the next 4 months, Sunsquare, as always, pushes boundaries to offer the very best product for our clients.

I am extremely proud of this innovation as it really does make a difference to our clients. It is not quite an iPhone, but it is certainly as important to the skylight industry as the iPhone was to the mobile phone industry.

The new Sunsquare Plug and Play electric opening skylights are available immediately. 

This piece was written by Justin Seldis, Managing Director of Sunsquare

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