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The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has applauded the Government for announcing a review of the national space standard for housing.

During the debate on the Housing and Planning Bill, RIBA was acknowledged for its consistent campaign on the issue of housing space.

The institute’s recent report last December went to great lengths to encourage a revision to the current standard that was labelled “far too complicated” by RIBA president, Jane Duncan.

“We are very pleased that the Government will be reviewing how the national space standard, introduced last October, is operating in practice.

“As our December 2015 report ‘HomeWise: Space Standards for Homes’ stressed, the current standard is far too complicated and onerous for Local Authorities to implement.

“This means that too many new homes are sub-standard and more than half of the new homes being built today are simply not big enough to meet the needs of the people who buy them.

“We believe it would be simpler and fairer to embed the national minimum space standard within Building Regulations and therefore welcome the proposal to include the Building Regulations Advisory Committee in the review.”

RIBA’s HomeWise report also indicates that more than half of all new homes being built today are not big enough to meet the needs of those who buy them.

At Sunsquare we are often procured by clients that are looking to transform living and working environments with abundant levels of natural daylight; improving productivity, morale and the overall atmosphere of a space.

Studies suggest that natural light can help open up an interior and make even smaller spaces look and feel larger. Connecting the room with the outdoors doesn’t have to limit your use of space. With flat roof skylights you can enhance your day-to-day life and even make valuable use of roof space with opening rooflights giving you the ability to obtain access to your roof – creating the potential for a unique roof terrace.

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