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It has taken nearly two years to complete the rigorous testing, in a previously unregulated sector. The Kitemark is a benchmark that has never before been set by a competitor. Testing standards saw the products undergoing careful examination at the BSI labs for air permeability, weather tightness and extreme wind loading.

By undergoing these detailed tests and achieving the official BSI Kitemark, Sunsquare's manufacturing methods have set a industry standard, which is something not previously achieved by any other flat roof skylight manufacturer across the globe. Sunsquare can now count itself within an elite club of some of the world's best companies and brands.

Justin Seldis, Managing Director of Sunsquare said: "This is fantastic news and testament to all the staff here, who have all played their part in helping achieve this recognition. It now means that potential clients know that we as a company, in every respect are scrutinised constantly by the BSI as part of having this stamp of quality. This could be one of the most influential things to ever happen in our industry. The Kitemark is also recognised where safety is paramount. Our thoughts on this have always been that unregulated overhead glazing is a possible disaster waiting to happen"

"This undoubtedly will enable clients of all sorts, whether small self builds or large commercial projects, to buy products absolutely knowing they are fit for purpose. This also enabes Sunsquare to trade abroad with confidence as the Kitemark is known throughout the world as a mark of quality."

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