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Not only that, it has been the industry view that the roofing membrane should be completed and tested prior to the skylight being fitted as part of a sensible build process. Roofing specialist unanimously agree that to have the height and fall taken care of by the up-stand manufacturer not only makes life for a roofer that much easier, but also means that no compromise of the roofing membrane needs ever to happen as the skylight is guaranteed to fit too. Importantly, with the above taken care of, the skylight installation will then conform to building regulations. At Sunsquare, as part of our service, all up-stands are available for early delivery within 5 days to allow the roof to be completed prior to the skylight arriving.

Flat roofing has become more and more scientific and, in some cases, more expensive. For a client’s money, however, they expect a long life from the roof. A great many roofing membranes carry a 30 plus year warranty and as such, because the up-stand forms part of the membrane, it stands to reason that the up-stand should also carry a similar guarantee.

Our most recent up-stand testing has revealed that a current up-stand from Sunsquare has a U-value of 0.35 W/m2K. Not only is this the best performing up-stand in the industry, it out performs some roofing membranes. The best quality marine ply as well as insulating foam means that our up-stand is definitively the market leader.

The result of the above is that Sunsquare are going to offer a 35 year comprehensive warranty on every up-stand it produces. This will be with immediate effect and we are incredibly proud yet again to be leading the way when it comes to confidence and testing of products. All Sunsquare products are also BSI accredited.

It used to be the case that companies offered an integral up-stand as standard. Long gone are those days as the industry has learned that to effectively weather proof a roof, the membrane cannot be compromised in any way. integrating a skylight with a roofing membrane will never be a good idea. Having a separate up-stand guarantees the integrity of both.

Sunsquare has yet again lead the way when it comes to sensible and practical design. For more information relating to a Sunsquare up-stand or any other product, please call us on +44 (0)1284 723377.

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