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In the main, a design and manufacturing company would not really wish to share testing techniques with its clients. However, a recent test of a new product has been so much fun that Sunsquare simply cannot resist sharing some of the extremes they go to, to ensure their clients get the very, very best. It's what defines Sunsquare.

Over the last couple of years Sunsquare has been looking at the way Skylights are packaged and delivered to our clients. Skylights do not like to be stacked and certainly are fragile. They also do not like to be kept on their sides, so this can mean that delivery can be quite expensive and packaging can be very time consuming.

Sunsquare have designed a unique type of reusable packaging that is not only extremely durable, but will allow Sunsquare to have the lowest carbon footprint of any company in the industry.

During the process of design Sunsquare worked together with a world leading packaging company and eventually a final design was finally approved and product was ready to be tested. Our team was then tasked with taking any implement they could to try to damage the packaging enough to then damage the skylight. The design team were extremely pleased with the result until the technical director, James Boughton, had an idea.....

"I thought that to truly test a product it should be done in it's natural environment. It's all very well us trying to produce the right conditions for testing, but in reality, the true test of a good design is when it leaves our design benches and is pushed into the big wide world" said James.

So a brand new Skylight was sent packing on the journey of a lifetime. Sunsquare try to deliver every product in it's own vehicles, but there are times and reasons that this is not always possible and they have to then rely on third party carriers. Quite often, if the skylight is to travel a fair distance, it will be off-loaded and then reloaded at depots on it's journey. When dealing with a fragile product, this carries risks. Even though there are large "fragile" and "this way up" stickers all over Sunsquare skylight packaging, that does not guarantee that carriers are quite as careful as Sunsquare would be with their high specification skylights.

The new skylight (to be launched at Grand Designs Live) was sent by third party around the country to various destinations without the slightest indication on the new packaging that there were fragile goods inside. The package was photographed by our willing test partners and then the skylight was sent to the next destination. Cutting a long story short, the skylight had been traveling for nearly two weeks around the country covering some 600 miles and many, many off-loading and re-loading maneuvers. It finally came back to Sunsquare's head office to see what condition the skylight was in on it's return.

The team gathered around what can only be described as a well worn package that had obviously been hit with a forklift at least twice and was certainly not cared for as one would expect. The packaging was removed to reveal that the skylight that had no protective materials on it at all was in perfect condition despite the best efforts of the courier companies.

The new packaging will be available in the coming weeks and will not only have obvious benefits to both Sunsquare and it's valued clients, but it will make Sunsquare the greenest company in the industry by far.

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