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Sunsquare have spent many years at the top of the flat roof skylight industry.

As the only BSI accredited company, it is vital that every product is tried and tested before bringing it to market. We have been working, for some time on a world beating touch screen control panel for our opening skylights. The product is ready to launch and below are some of the remarklable functions we have included.

The Sunsquare Touchscreen Programmable Controller has been developed to allow for the full control of your skylight/s based on infinitely definable parameters. Flush mounted to an internal wall, the intuitive programming can be set to exactly suit your lifestyle, along with integrating with environment around you.

The colour screen displays the following enviromental parameters:

  • Outdoor & Indoor Temperatures
  • Indoor Air Humidity
  • Light Levels (Incl. Intensity and Direction with Twilight Recognition)
  • Wind Speed
  • Rain
  • Time / Date

The controller is constantly monitoring environmental conditions and will execute your programmed reaction to these without any further input. Of course, should you decide you want to take back control, simple open and close icons allow you to overide the automated functions.

Programmable Functions:

  • Opening above selected internal temperature Opening above selected internal humidity level
  • Close when the external air temperature is higher than internal Night-Time Cooling Cycle (Programmed Cycle Time)
  • Daily Forced Closure (Programmable Cycle Time) External Temperature Block
  • Frost Alarm (Close in case of rain below set temperature) Rain Alarm (Close or move to gap opening when rain detected) Wind Alarm (Close when set wind speed is exceeded) Close when air conditioning and/or mechanical cooling is active.

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