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The UK’s door and window fabrication market has enjoyed a revival since 2013, with real prospects of further growth in the next five years, according to a new report from AMA Research.

The study indicates the market has grown by three per cent in 2015, following impressive growth of five per cent in 2014.

The most sizeable sector is for residential windows, driven largely by demand for replacements; however new build volumes have also soared in recent years. Another encouraging growth area is the ‘home extension’ sector.

Meanwhile commercial glazing and curtain walling are now said to have a market share of more than 20 per cent with growth on the back of a recovery in the office construction sector.

The use of composite and hybrid materials has influenced the product ranges, resulting in improved thermal performance, locking systems and flat rooflights.

Jane Tarver, of AMA Research, said: “Steady improvement in the glazing market in the medium term is anticipated, given sustained growth in construction activity – particularly housebuilding and key non-residential sectors such as offices, leisure, education.

“This in turn will lead to steady if modest growth for door and window fabricators with value growth likely to be constrained by high levels of price competition.”

Justin Seldis, managing director, Sunsquare, said that homeowners’ increasing spare cash is giving them the wherewithal to make sizeable improvements to their properties; greatly enhancing their daily lives.

“Improved employment and increasing wages has allowed living standards to move back above where they were before the recession.

“No longer are consumers having to tighten their belts, they can look to the future and seek to make a real difference to their properties with investment in high-specification glazing that encourages abundant natural light into much-loved living areas.”

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