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The same numbers of employers feel that architectural education syllabuses place theoretical knowledge above and beyond practical ability, which puts many students at a disadvantage when looking for work.

The report compared the views of 150 employers and almost 600 students and recent graduates at Parts 1, 2 and 3 levels.

Both students and employers alike believe more time should be spent in practice during their studies to make sure they are suitably prepared for the world of full-time work.

Paul Chappell, manager, RIBA Appointments, said: “The survey highlights some areas for concern, with a widespread feeling that many architectural students and graduates are simply not being provided with the skills they need to work in practice.”

More than half of employers and almost two-thirds of graduates believe there should be alternative routes into architecture too, such as apprenticeships.

Albena Atanassova, student representative on the RIBA council, said: “We are students of architecture and young professionals face a reality of an increasingly expensive education that provides a broad understanding of the profession.

“However, it fails to prepare us for the challenges that the contemporary architect faces on a daily basis.”

Ms Atanassova believes the syllabus should contain more guided teaching, delivered by practicing architects and architectural practices, combined with cross-disciplinary projects with other courses related to the construction industry and local authorities.

Academics have responded to the claims that architecture schools don’t provide adequate vocational experience by insisting that practical experience is encouraged throughout the syllabus.

Katharine Heron, professor of architecture, University of Westminster, said: “At Westminster we have a lot of practice links and we encourage it through teaching and in research.

“All courses normally have two year’s work based learning known through the year out and Part 3.”

Ms Heron confirmed there was continuing debate about allowing other routes into the profession but, as yet, such models are yet to be created and ratified.

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