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Skylight Upstand Installation

It is soon to become a necessity to comply with British Standards. Integral Upstands make the roofing around a skylight not only awkward, but extremely difficult and costly should there be a problem with a skylight as the roofing membrane will be compromised. By having a separate Upstand, you can not only ensure your expensive roofing membrane stays in tact, but also ensure your roofer and skylight manufacturer can offer a comprehensive warranty. It also means that you know that you have the right lean on the Upstand if it is a flat skylight and it is the required 150mm height of the rooflight above the roofing membrane.

Sunsquare have, since they started 12 years ago, sold separate up-stands. They are the only company to have done so and that persistence is now being recognised and will become an industry standard.

The truth is a separate Upstand is inexpensive and not only gives you peace of mind regarding your roofing membrane, but because Sunsquare can send an up-stand out within 5 working days, you will also know your skylight fits perfectly.

Our instructional video shows you how to simply fit a Sunsquare Upstand.

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