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It is confusing enough buying a product like a skylight. Even a company like Sunsquare, who try to keep it simple, offer quite a few options. When you take into account some of the gimmicks and gadgets out there to try to persuade, it can be an absolute minefield.

We understand that people often have to make decisions based on cost and it is important that, even though we offer the only kitemarked skylight product range in the world, it represents good value for money even if it is the very best on the market.

We thought, to clarify things, that we would give an example of the cost of one of our skylights and a like for like quotation. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a skylight and it is not only the cost of the skylight itself that has to be taken into account. The skylight has to sit on an up-stand which allows not only the correct height above the roofing membrane to be appropriate for building regulations, but also allows a 5 degree lean for the water to come off the skylight when it rains. There are companies that offer an integral upstand, but to create the lean, you still have to have an additional up-stand too, which defeats the object. It also means that the roofer has to come back once the skylight has been installed to weather the roof, which is not the case for a Sunsquare skylight. Our up-stand comes to site within 5 working days so that the roofer can finish the roofing membrane long before the skylight arrives.

Lets look at a simple 1000mm x 1000mm non opening skylight. See the comparison costs below from Sunsquare and a competitors quotation.

There is an obvious cost difference between the two companies, but more importantly Sunsquare avoid the possibility of mistakes being made by third parties. Also, with Sunsquare every element is covered by a warranty and kitemarked.

No brainer.

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