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The group aims to provide a national standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods using a 20-point assessment.

However, Hemingway said after Cabe was forced to reduce in scale and merge with the Design Council following the government’s ‘Bonfire of the Quangos’ in 2011, house builders stopped taking notice of national standards.

“When they [Cabe] had a big building and money, they had to take notice,” said Hemingway.

“Anybody in any industry will take notice when someone is campaigning against you.

“Cabe was amazingly dynamic and hard hitting – that’s why this government pulled the plug on it.

“Cabe was listened to and that stick forced house building to get their act together. Cabe had a set of people who really cared.”

Hemingway, who now runs Hemingway Design, led a debate on how to improve housing quality at the Ecobuild conference and said that house builders were operating a monopoly.

“Until we bring competition in, house builders will keep building poor housing,” added Hemingway.

“The housing industry is stuck in the past. There is no competition; therefore they don’t have to increase the quality.”

Competition is something that breeds high-quality whatever the industry. At Sunsquare, we embrace the competition throughout the UK’s flat roof skylight industry and continue to innovate to remain ahead of the field.

Justin Seldis, managing director, Sunsquare, said: “We appreciate that our entire business and reputation is reliant on our ability to design effective skylight products; because a good design makes a good product and a good product makes a good business.

“We take our role as industry leaders very seriously. As the industry’s only BSI-accredited skylight manufacturer, we surpassed their rigorous testing by quite some margin.

“In the same way Wayne Hemingway wants UK homes to be built and tested under the most comprehensive conditions, our skylights undergo similarly stringent tests so our customers can buy with confidence.”

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