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Whilst it is obviously annoying to a client that they are having to replace a skylight, it is usually something that is done with some anticipation for a new and improved product. Usually any repair work or membrane replacement is done to the flat roof at the same time. In other words, it is always seen as a vast improvement and an opportunity to fit something that is going to see out the next couple of decades, at least.

Imagine then that you had done that already and only little over a year ago had the roof re-felted and a brand new triple glazed skylight installed. Imagine that you had been told by it's manufacturer in Leicester that is had a 25 year Unit seal warranty and a 30 year life expectancy and that on Facebook and twitter that manufacturer had stated over and over how wonderful their products were. Imagine then that it failed, completely, only a year or so after it had been installed? Imagine then being told by the company in question that it had been installed incorrectly and that they would do nothing about said problem as it invalidated the warranty? Imagine then being told that prior to anything being agreed you would have to buy another skylight to replace it with from said company and the failed skylight would be tested in the factory to determine what went wrong and then a refund would be considered? Imagine that battle going on for a year as the skylight leaked? Imagine, in the end, having to let your insurance company deal with it loosing an excess and possible increase in premiums?

Cutting a long story short. The poor owners of the shocking skylight that is pictured had a superb job done of their flat roof and because the skylight in question has an integrated Upstand (whereby the roofing membrane is bonded to the skylight) the roof is going to have to be cut 300mm around the skylight and removed to get the skylight out of position. Not only will it never look as good, even with a Sunsquare SkyView, it will possibly affect the integrity of the roofing membrane and invalidate that warranty too.

We are being asked more and more to remove and replace this company, and other poorly designed skylights and more and more it is giving the industry a very bad name. It is easy to imagine you are a designer, but very much more difficult to actually be one.

Several lessons are to be learned from this for anyone considering purchasing a skylight. Firstly, make sure the up-stand is separate from the skylight and make sure the product that you are buying is BSI accredited at the least . No one deserves this sort of shoddy and ruthless treatment.

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