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However, there are some things that really matter that Sunsquare deliver that barely even get a mention that when revealed make so much sense. We thought we would take the opportunity to let our clients know what is done in the background that has given us such accolades and awards. We thought we would try, in simple terms, to point out where the differences lie between Sunsquare products and some others and why Sunsquare is the only BSI accredited designer and manufacturer in the industry.


Most would consider that Sunsquare’s products being BSI accredited for weather tightness, air permeability and wind resistance would be enough, but here at Sunsquare we take that one step further. Sunsquare are the only company in the entire industry brave enough to have sent all of their products to the BSI for testing. Sunsquare are also the only company in the industry to have employed structural engineers to take weather conditions for every part of the British Isles over the last 10 years and apply a postcode formula to our glass specification to ensure that a skylight on a cliff face property in Cornwall is just as safe as a skylight in inner London. The variance in specification can some times be large, but we do this as just part of our dedication to quality and safety.

Heat Soaked Glass

There is nothing that we at Sunsquare take more seriously than our clients safety. There have been many advances in glass technology that have made a huge difference to the safety of glazed products. Laminated and toughened glass have made using glass in the domestic environment much safer, but they are not without their problems. One of the issues with glass is that by it’s very nature it can have imperfections within it that are not possible to see with the human eye. Unfortunately those imperfections (inclusions) can make the glass extremely fragile and break unexpectedly. Whilst we are putting glass above people's heads, we would wish to avoid ever endangering anyone in any way. The way of avoiding that happening is to use a process called heat soaking to remove the chances of imperfection. That reduces the chance of a shattering skylight by 1000 times. Needless to say, Sunsquare were on their own in making this standard in their range. Believe it or not there are still companies out there that don’t use it now.


A flat roof skylight that is fitted according to building regulations should be a minimum of 150mm above the roof membrane on the lower side and have a 5 degree pitch to allow water run off unless it is a slim-line 30 degree pyramid. Sunsquare has designed it’s product range with this in mind and is the only company in the industry to provide an insulated up-stand (structural kerb) to site within 5 days so that the roofing company can prepare the aperture according to building regs and be sure that the skylight is going to fit.


Again, in designing the Sunsquare range, everything has been though through. One of the important things to a Sunsquare client is bound to be the finish of the new extension or new house. Sunsquare appreciate that it is tricky to take plasterboard to glass and get a good finish, so invented the decorstop to allow the plasterboard to enter the frame for a perfect finish. Again, this is unique to Sunsquare and an industry first.

These are just a few very simple ways that Sunsquare try to make a difference to the skylight industry. It is exactly this sort of thinking that has made them market leaders.

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