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    Installation of a 750kg skylight

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    Sunsquare are often presented with difficult site conditions in which to install our award winning skylights. We are possibly the only skylight company that does not subcontract any of our work at all. If you purchase a Kitemarked Sunsquare product, you would only ever have our employees installing the skylight if that was your chosen option.

    In the main, people install their own, as we have made it very easy, but when it comes to highly bespoke or difficult installations, that is where we come into our own.


    Architects are becoming braver and braver with the size of skylights and shape of them. We thrive on being challenged from a design perspective, but sometimes that is the least of our worries. Getting, in some cases 500KG + of glass on a roof many stories up can be somewhat of a breath holding process. In 17 years of designing and manufacturing skylights we have installed into some spectacular and high profile buildings, but know that our own houses re our pride and joy and we need to respect that. This is why we only install our products ourselves. We are also honest with people if we don’t think they need our services.


    We offer a site survey service where we can assess the site requirements as a first off. We can then organise cranes if needs be and obviously have lifting equipment ourselves as well. The videos and photos that you see are of a project in Hertfordshire where one walk on skylight alone was 750kg. To do such work, you really need to know what you are doing and that is why we control every element of our work and do not subcontract. From first phone-call to sign off, you will only ever deal with Sunsquare employees. We can also state, for the record, that we have not failed to complete an installation yet! Many years ago we had to take a skylight weighing 140kg through the Palace of Westminster, through the organ loft and onto the roof without touching any of the incredibly ornate internal finishings. However, whether a landmark building or a lovely cottage on a leafy lane, we offer exactly the same service. The Sunsquare service…


    If you’ve got a tricky problem you’re looking to solve with an innovative glass skylight, why not get in touch with our sales team who would be happy to help. Email us on sales@sunsquare.co.uk or call us on 01284 846227

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