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    A New Build Home In the Heart of The Cotswolds

    arrow Back to portfolio 7th October 2020

    We were delighted to work on a modern new-build property in the Cotswolds which is designed around a rotunda. The property features a circular skylight over the family room and will have a large chandelier to draw the eye upwards to the skylight above.

    Sunsquare were asked to work with a contractor S&F Hood in a stunning new build house in the wonderful Cotswolds. We will be doing a full case study when the building is completed as this skylight is at the top of a rotunda that is over the central gathering area of the house giving huge amounts of light to a beautiful open plan house. The whole house, in actual fact, is built around the rotunda, so it is possibly the most important element of the build. Obviously we are renowned for being able to get creative and this incredible skylight will be an amazing feature and addition to the property. Some 10 meters in diameter, the initial photos do not do the skylight justice, but needless to say, our expertise and experience meant that this was installed in a couple of days and, when finished, will have a huge chandelier hanging from the central point of the structure.


    We do love dramatic skylights and when we have the drone footage of this work, we will gladly share the footage and will be able to see what the very famous owner of the house feels about living with something so amazing above their head.


    If you’re looking for an innovative glass skylights for a project you’re working on, why not get in touch and see how we can help transform a space with natural light using our innovative products and accessories?

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