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As with any home extension, ensuring natural light in the right living areas is always a challenge, but in this particular case at The Paddocks in Cambridgeshire, our elongated Pyramid flat roof skylights were the perfect solution.

Pyramid-style rooflights have become a popular architectural statement for residential and commercial buildings and our latest model, the 30º pitch roof, was specified for its unobtrusive design and ability to be designed and installed in an elongated shape rather than a traditional square unit.

The client opted to manage the purchasing of the key elements of the extension themselves, and was taken by the elegant design of our Pyramid range. Since its unveiling at Grand Designs Live London 2014, we’ve received regular interest in the 30º Pyramid as it’s one of the sleekest roof windows of its kind available on the market.

Added assurance

Throughout our communication with the client it was clear that they were comforted by the added assurance of Sunsquare's BSI Kitemark and that, unlike many others on the market, they are factory glazed.

Structural integrity

The client also opted to purchase Sunsquare upstands for the elongated Pyramid rooflights to be fitted onto. The added benefit of the upstands provided greater structural integrity and improved thermal performance of the roof itself; ensuring the best possible living environment below.

A Sunsquare Upstand plays an integral role in ensuring any new skylight fits and fits well – it’s the frame that the skylight sits on, creating enough height from the roof surface and adequate pitch for the water to run off the skylight.

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