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Bringing bliss to Blakeney


Rooflights for a breath-taking, iconic North Norfolk redevelopment

Sunsquare was specified by property development firm, Bliss Space, to design, manufacture and install 10 SkyView rooflights, encouraging natural light to flood into the bathrooms and hallways of the redeveloped coastal home, Bliss Blakeney.

Named a top “Best British House to Book for the Year Ahead” by Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, Bliss Blakeney boasts elevated, panoramic views across Blakeney Harbour, the Salt Marshes and the North Sea.

Sunsquare has worked closely with Bliss Space on a number of developments in London, supplying owner, Daniel Broch with a number of BSI Kitemarked rooflights and roof lanterns for urban homes across the capital.

However, this project was one which really caught the imagination, as one of the most ambitious and unique development projects ever carried out along the North Norfolk coastline.

Designed by American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, Bliss Blakeney certainly conforms with his belief that structures should be designed and built in harmony with humanity and its environment; a philosophy he coined as organic architecture.

Prior to the redevelopment, the site was centred around an old 1950’s building that was completely demolished to form this spectacular modern home. Sunsquare’s SkyView rooflights were chosen as they truly complemented the vision of the owner, with minimal sight lines and sleek design.

As you can see from the remarkable imagery, Bliss Blakeney not only comprises a contemporary home, it also features a standalone holiday home.

The Cabin, designed as a Scandinavian home-from-home, features open plan living space, abundant natural light and private decking with unforgettable views out to sea. Overall, this was a project aligned completely with our very own beliefs: pushing the design boundaries and creating something truly special.

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