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Contemporary rooflights bringing light to a listed building

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It is always pleasing for Sunsquare to supply rooflights in its home town of Bury St Edmunds, which is blessed with one of the country’s greatest concentration of grade I and grade II listed properties.

So, when a private client on a beautiful terraced crescent wished to alter her existing conservatory to create a more permanent structure for her Grade II listed home, we were happy to assist.

We certainly love a design challenge – as our portfolio of recent projects will testify – and we worked with the architect to create a rooflight in keeping with the area whilst providing great functionality for our client.

Complementing our architectural heritage
The builder and roofing contractor sought to create a flat roof using a durable gel coated fibreglass roof covering, with our Pyramid and Aero Electric rooflights being the crowning glory of the design – providing an abundance of both natural light and ventilation to the living space below.

The client, architect and planning authorities were, as is often the case, not keen on a pastiche of the existing building and much preferred the new design to provide a definition between old and new. The pyramid rooflight however happened to match the roofline of the original structure and, along with the Aero Electric rooflight, providing more natural daylight than the original conservatory, whilst adding a contemporary edge.

“It is difficult to believe that I have the same amount of light, if not more, than previously when the whole roof was glass,” said the client.

“Not only that, the whole room feels more solid and part of the property and will be much more useable.”

Solar control glazing to create more comfortable living temperatures
One of the main issues of the client’s existing conservatory was that the living space was too cold in the winter months and too hot in the summer months. Our primary objective was to help make the space useable all year round.

The new pyramid rooflight and Aero skylight are not only thermally efficient, but they have also been designed with a glass specification which deflects the sun’s UV rays to regulate the living space below at more comfortable temperatures.

“My neighbours are amazed at how the very modern skylights fit into the crescent so well. I am absolutely thrilled with the results,” the client added.

At Sunsquare, we thoroughly enjoy working closely with architects from the infancy of any project to design and manufacture a life-changing rooflight solution to homes of all ages; from period properties to new builds.

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